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Some identities you embrace.

Others will get you killed.


UNRAVEL Aesthetic Video

Kaylee Pareyra - Sword & Silk Books

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Sixteen-year-old Marguerite knows her uncle doesn’t like her. True, she’s in line for the throne before him and he contends she’s too deaf to rule, but she’s known since he broke her hand to keep her from using sign language. Now, as the kingdom’s Bishop-Princep, Uncle Reichard has de-clared war on magic and Marguerite must hide the fact that she’s a witch.

While witnessing her first witch trial, Marguerite rescues a child from death with the help of a handsome, itinerant acrobat, Tys. Marguerite flees, hiding in the neighboring empire where magical gifts can flour-ish. Before her training is complete, war threatens. She retur ns home, only to witness her uncle seizing the throne. He isolates and imprisons her. Marguerite’s love for her people drives her to continue defying him. But to challenge him means she’ll have to rely on her homemade invisibility cloak, questionable allies, and Tys, the one boy she never should have trusted.


"A lovely tale for readers in search of magic, adventure, and romance."

Kirkus Reviews

"A YA fantasy about a girl whose magic flows through her stitching and textile work? With thematic use of thread-work as a means of establishing language, providing a conduit for power and expression, and preserving history? Yes, please!"

Jacqueline Firkins Author of Hearts, Strings, and Other Breakable Things

"I didn't know I wanted this until now, so kudos to Loken for making me crave more."

Sage S., Netgalley Reviewer

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UNRAVEL-specific ASL signs

Name Sign for "Marguerite"

(M tucked on side of head)

"Brandt" (fingerspelled)


"Deaf. Princess. Witch"

"War. Army."

"Enemies to Lovers"


"Evil king."

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